Monday, June 21, 2010

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No extradition to Germany

Germany, Germany, far more than anything! Persecuted German retirees may be enjoying the sunny Panama Retirement further to the fullest!

Hans Borchert: No extradition to Germany

emigration as a retiree with nothing but obstacles: The first obstacle was presented to him a small pension in the way it amounts to € 765, slightly less than the equivalent of $ 1000US, which are required to get in Panama Residencia (permanent residence). He fought successfully against the German pension insurance, his pension would also cut off because he had emigrated. And then the sharpest: a career horny German prosecutor appeared on the scene.

Resident But without his, he did not want to live in Panama, after all, he was migrated: "I this sh .. ss Germany will never again see " which outraged.

But it was my whole plan: put the German authorities after him: car tax evasion, illegal parking in the repeated event and did not appear as an invited witness before a court (facts: witness in neighborhood dispute his former neighbors of clear opposite).

, everything was high-rocked, as Borchert had fought with brash statements and the wrath of demigods in black fanned arrest in Germany, Interpol has also turned to the goal: Immediate arrest and extradition to Germany. "all a lie," says Borchert , "at this point I no longer was in Germany. "

The Erfurt pensioners Hans Borchert * (71), had made himself at home in Panama, and after a short time Panamesin married, which is in Panama with a notarial act in a few minutes on the stage . The love was Another lucky in his otherwise not resulted in effective pension marriage for permanent residence, because it is not the amount of benefits critical. But, the most pious can not live in peace, when an envious Attorney in Germany (the person) do not like ...

cried So that when it was known in Germany, where he now lives, the resentment and envy of a German prosecutor on the scene, namely the state attorney Frank Erdt, Gera who doggedly pursued the pensioner and finally ordered his immediate arrest and extradition . No way, decided the Tribunal de Distrito (such as: court) in Panama. Here, Panama, this is not Germany, the tenor of the court.

The judges were, first, that a misdemeanor or a German tax evasion in Panama does not justify a delivery and no crimes were, illegal parking, as delivery is certainly not a reason. Even if he had been called as a witness in Germany and this event either of time or cost reasons, also taking into account the amount his pension, had not noticed was that no crime.

The immediate arrest was, according to the court in the case of Hans Borchert under Panamanian law already prohibited, for persons over 70 years of age shall not under Panamanian law be taken into custody, forbidding the law and respect for human dignity. (The are here Panama much further in the criminal law in Germany, note of the commentator )

addition would be added that there is no spouse, who is married to a Panamanian, shown against his will from the country or extradited may be, independent of a possible crime. This reason alone, would have the judges, led to the non-extradition. pouts

While the prosecutor Frank Erdt from Gera, Hans Borchert enjoys his new life in the sun of Panama as a free and respectable man " Behind it only envy this attorney. Such envious believe outright that they are the state itself and that other states would have to meet their selfish, personal vendetta prosecution, that would be even better. I thank God that I no longer live in this police state must . The considerable costs of the proceedings shall, as always, the German tax payer.

* Name changed


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